Power plant classes

Power plant classes for specific weather dependent renewable energy resources.

feedinlib.powerplants.Photovoltaic([model]) Class to define a standard set of PV system attributes.
feedinlib.powerplants.WindPowerPlant([model]) Class to define a standard set of wind power plant attributes.

Feed-in models

Feed-in models take in power plant and weather data to calculate power plant feed-in. So far models using the python libraries pvlib and windpowerlib to calculate photovoltaic and wind power feed-in, respectively, have been implemented.

feedinlib.models.Pvlib(**kwargs) Model to determine the feed-in of a photovoltaic module using the pvlib.
feedinlib.models.WindpowerlibTurbine(**kwargs) Model to determine the feed-in of a wind turbine using the windpowerlib.
feedinlib.models.WindpowerlibTurbineCluster(…) Model to determine the feed-in of a wind turbine cluster using the windpowerlib.

Weather data

The feedinlib enables download of open_FRED weather data (local reanalysis data for Germany) and ERA5 weather data (global reanalysis data for the whole world).

feedinlib.open_FRED.Weather(start, stop, …) Load weather measurements from an openFRED conforming database.
feedinlib.era5.weather_df_from_era5(…[, …]) Gets ERA5 weather data from netcdf file and converts it to a pandas dataframe as required by the spcified lib.
feedinlib.era5.get_era5_data_from_datespan_and_position(…) Download a netCDF file from the era5 weather data server for you position and time range.


feedinlib.models.get_power_plant_data(…) Function to retrieve power plant data sets provided by feed-in models.

Abstract classes

The feedinlib uses abstract classes for power plant and feed-in models that serve as blueprints for classes that implement those models. This ensures that new models provide required implementations that make it possible to easily exchange the model used in your calculation. They are important for people who want to implement new power plant and model classes rather than for users.

feedinlib.powerplants.Base(**attributes) The base class of feedinlib power plants.