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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Created on Fri Oct  9 16:01:02 2015

@author: uwe

import pandas as pd

[docs]class FeedinWeather: def __init__(self, **kwargs): r""" Class, containing all meta informations regarding the weather data set. Parameters ---------- data : pandas.DataFrame, optional Containing the time series of the different parameters as columns timezone : string, optional Containing the name of the time zone using the naming of the IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) time zone database [40]_ longitude : float, optional Longitude of the location of the weather data latitude : float, optional Latitude of the location of the weather data geometry : shapely.geometry object polygon or point representing the zone of the weather data data_height : dictionary, optional Containing the heights of the weather measurements or weather model in meters with the keys of the data parameter name : string Name of the weather data object Notes ----- Depending on the used feedin modell some of the optional parameters might be mandatory. References ---------- .. [40] `IANA time zone database <>`_. """ = kwargs.get('data', None) try: self.timezone = except: self.timezone = kwargs.get('timezone', None) self.longitude = kwargs.get('longitude', None) self.latitude = kwargs.get('latitude', None) self.geometry = kwargs.get('geometry', None) self.data_height = kwargs.get('data_height', None) = kwargs.get('name', None)
[docs] def read_feedinlib_csv(self, filename, overwrite=True): r""" Reading a csv-file with a header containg the meta data of the time series. The header has to contain the time zone and has to end with a blank line. To add data of the data_height dictionary there should be space between the parameter name and the key name (e.g. # data_height v_wind: 10). Further more any number of parameters can be added. The file should have the following form: .. code:: # timezone= # name: NAME # longitude: # latitude: yy.yyy # timezone: Continent/City # data_height temp_air: zz # data_height v_wind: vv ,temp_air,v_wind,..... 2010-01-01 00:00:00+01:00,267.599,5.32697,... 2010-01-01 01:00:00+01:00,267.596,5.46199,.... .... Parameters ---------- filename : string The filename with the full path and the suffix of the file. overwrite : boolean If False the only class attributes of NoneType will be overwritten with the data of the csv file. If True all class attributes will be overwriten with the data of the csv-file. Raises ------ FileNotFoundError If the file defined by filename can not be found. """ # Read meta data (location of weather data) meta_dict = {} skiprows = 0 with open(filename, 'r') as f: while 1: tmp = f.readline()[2:-1] if not tmp.strip(): break tmp = tmp.replace(' ', '') [a, b] = tmp.split(':') meta_dict[a] = b skiprows += 1 # Define attributes if self.latitude is None or overwrite: self.latitude = float(meta_dict.get('latitude')) if self.longitude is None or overwrite: self.longitude = float(meta_dict.get('longitude')) if self.timezone is None or overwrite: self.timezone = meta_dict.get('timezone') if is None or overwrite: = meta_dict.get('name') # Read weather data if is None or overwrite: df = pd.read_csv(filename, skiprows=skiprows) = df.set_index( pd.to_datetime(df['Unnamed: 0'])).tz_localize( 'UTC').tz_convert(self.timezone).drop('Unnamed: 0', 1) # Define height dict self.data_height = {} for key in self.data_height[key] = float( meta_dict.get('data_height' + key, 0)) return self